How to Make Fresh Caprese Salad on Toasted Sourdough Baguette

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How to make caprese salad on toasted sourdough baguette

We have had an abundance of tomatoes this year. We had twelve tomato plants and every one of them were loaded with fruit. Our kitchen has been an explosion of salsa, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce. While I have enjoyed eating the home canned tomato goods my all-time favorite thing to do with garden fresh tomatoes is caprese salad. It is simple, fresh and so delicious!

How to make caprese salad on toasted sourdough baguette

One of the most important thing with a caprese salad is the ingredients, the fresher they are the better it’s going to taste. We don’t make caprese salad very often when tomatoes are not in season. Store bought tomatoes are ok but garden fresh are so much better. They are sweeter and juicier.

It is also a must to use fresh basil, not the dried stuff. It is seriously a night and day difference. I’ll say it again, do not use dried basil. Most if not all grocery stores will have the potted fresh herbs or the live bare root herbs in the produce section. It does cost more but it is a must!

The last part of the caprese salad that needs to be high quality is the cheese. Grabbing a block of Western Family mozzarella from the cheese section will work if you absolutely need it to but it is worth the extra dollar or so to get the higher quality fresh mozzarella balls found by the deli section. It is much softer and a more subtle taste. It adds creaminess while letting the other flavors shine.

How to make caprese salad on toasted sourdough baguette

Some salads are very complex, difficult and take forever to make, like potato salad, it takes forever. Caprese salad is so easy and fast. If you are just doing the salad without the bread all you have to do is cut a tomato, cut some mozzarella, chop up a little basil (or tear it). Stack it all up starting with the mozzarella then the tomato and finish with the basil. Drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and a little dash of pepper and voila you have a beautiful looking caprese salad. Put it on top of a toasted slice of sourdough baguette to make it easy to eat with your fingers. The bread also helps soak up the oil and vinegar to get even more flavor.

Caprese salad is great anytime. We enjoy eating it as a side dish for dinner most of the time but it is great as a quick snack or a light lunch. Caprese salad is a great way to use your fresh tomatoes from your garden or from a local produce stand. It is simple, fresh, and delicious!

How to make caprese salad on toasted sourdough baguette

1 sourdough baguette, sliced
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced
1 lb fresh mozzarella cut into ½ inch slices
2 TBLS fresh basil, chopped
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Black pepper

Toast the sourdough baguette slices by placing them in a toaster oven set on toast. Place a slice of cheese, a slice of tomato and a pinch of basil on top of a toasted baguette slice. Drizzle with oil and vinegar and sprinkle with black pepper. For a little twist try melting the cheese on the baguette!

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