How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

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How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket
My little girl has started to get to the age where she likes to play with dolls. Usually, it is holding them around the neck and taking them wherever she is but sometimes she will help feed them and put them to bed. Unfortunately, the dolls blankets were dirty dish towels that she had pulled off the counter. Gross! So I decided to make a doll blanket that she could use to wrap her babies up in.

Knowing that this doll blanket was probably going to get pretty beat up I didn’t want to spend any money on it if possible. I tend to not be so good at math so when it comes time to buying fabric I usually end up with too much. In this case that is not a bad thing. I was able to find some scraps that came from a blanket that I made for my daughter when she was born. Now they get to have matching blankets!

Still keeping in mind that this blanket is not going to be treated with care and respect I didn’t want to put too much effort into it. So I decided to do something easy and simple. I liked the idea of using a few different fabrics which did make it slightly more complicated but still easy and straightforward. Honestly, if you can use a sewing machine well enough to sew a somewhat straight line you can make this doll blanket. It is so easy!

Making the Blanket


The first step to making this doll blanket is choosing the fabric. I used a light flannel that I got at Joann’s Fabric. Normal cotton quilting fabric will work as well; it just won’t be as thick. Stay away from knits as they are harder to work with. I chose four different colors, one for the back and three for the front. You can choose to do however many colors you would like.

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

Second, cut the fabric. For the back, you will need to cut an 18”x19” piece. Then for the front, you will need 6, 4”x18” strips. I use a rotary cutter but scissors will work as well.

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

Next, you will make the front by pinning two of the strips together lengthwise, wrong sides together and sew it using a ½” seam. Keep adding strips making sure the wrong sides are facing together until you have sewn all 6 strips together.

How to Make a Simple Doll BlanketHow to Make a Simple Doll BlanketHow to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

After you have finished the front of the doll blanket place the front and the back pieces wrong sides together. Pin and sew the top using a ½” seam. Do the same thing on the bottom.

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

The fifth step is to sew the center. Sew a line down the center and next to the next seam. I used the foot as a guide and to make sure that I didn’t catch the seam that sticks up. Repeat that all the way down until the last piece. On the last strip, you can just do one line down the center.

How to Make a Simple Doll BlanketHow to Sew a Simple Doll Blanket

When you have finished the center lines, sew the sides together. Now you are all done sewing! Easy, right?

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

Now that you have finished the sewing it is time for some cutting. Clip all the edges making sure not to cut the seams you have just sewn. Make each cut about 1/8” to ¼” apart. The smaller the gaps between cuts the more raggy it will look. Trim any excess thread as you do this to make it look clean.

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

The last step is to wash it. When the doll blanket is washed it will make the edges fray a little and make it look cute and raggy. The more you wash it the more raggy it will look.

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

This doll blanket was such a fun, quick and easy project. Now my little girl doesn’t have to use dirty dish towels for her baby dolls anymore!

How to Make a Simple Doll Blanket

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